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Aerial Application
As with any crop protection service, our products need certain weather conditions to be truly effective. The growing season is short in southern Alberta, so schedule your service today.

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Contact Gravity Ag Services LTD. to book our application service. We will work with your schedule to ensure the application will be the most effective. Our staff is happy to answer any questions about the crop protection products that we use.


In Compliance With:

- Aeronautics Act

- Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act

- Occupational Health & Safety


- Pest Management Regulatory Agency

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Gravity Ag Services LTD. provides aerial application of crop protection products in southern Alberta. Our team has nearly 20 years of experience operating in the area. Our current Thrush Aircraft keeps pilots safe while offering control and stability. It has a 750 hp Pratt and Whitney™ turbine, and a hopper capacity of 510 gallons. Locally owned and operated, we've earned our reputation with farmers in the area for starting earlier and working later. Our new booking program, Flight Plan Online, makes the process of booking your service easier than ever. 


Contact us with any questions or concerns about our crop dusting service. 


Vauxhall, AB / CEN6

Learn More About Thrush Aircraft and see

it in action by clicking the link below.

Who Are We?

Meet The People Behind Gravity Ag Services.

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