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Thrush Aircraft, Inc.

The world leader in providing aircraft for agricultural spray operations. Our exceptional line of airplanes helps operations of all sizes control insects, weeds, and diseases that threaten crops and orchards, and effectively fertilizing all types of crops. In addition, Thrush Aircraft are depended upon for fire control - dispersing fire retardant chemicals and water to save human and animal life, and preventing the loss of property and forestry.

A standard cockpit that’s way above standard.

A standard cockpit that’s way above standard. Standard on every Thrush is the MVP-50T glass panel display from Electronics International. Its full-color screen provides excellent viewing – even in direct sunlight – allowing you to monitor all performance function parameters while maintaining excellent situational awareness. Its 50 different functions include an active G-meter and on-board data recording, as well as ag-specific features such as boom pressure and an electric fan brake light. Its colour-coded interface and verbal alerts significantly enhance cockpit management and safety.

What makes a Thrush the best ag aircraft ever built?

Specifications and performance data are one thing. Real world quality and value are another. At Thrush, we focus on both, and its reflected in literally everything we do, from cockpit design to flight characteristics. It’s a passion that’s been here in Albany for more than forty years, and it’s only getting stronger. Here’s a summary of what we’re talking about. Use the points here to compare us with others, and to get a better feel for all that goes in to every aircraft we build.

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