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Our new Flight Plan Online program gives printable reference maps of land locations, and even helps with invoicing. This program also tracks the processing of each job, and when we complete yours, it will email you with details about the rate we sprayed and what was covered. All prices depend on the gallons sprayed per acre, and which chemicals were used.


Contact us to find out more about using a pesticide sprayer for your crops.

Aerial Application

Don't trample some crops with a ground rig just to spray others. Our planes leave all crops in tact while applying crop protection products. Time is important too, especially if you fear an insect or disease breakout and need to save as many crops as possible. We use a brand new aircraft with cutting-edge technology. Calibration is done annually, flying the line and testing droplet size. This reassures the customer that the product is actually hitting the plants and not just rolling off and soaking into the ground.

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